7 FREE Relaxing Websites for a Chill Weekend

Damla Ozdemir
5 min readMay 14, 2024
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In my last article, I gave you a 5-day tour of the ASMR world to help you relax during the work week. This time, I want to ease you into the weekend and help you chill out for a couple of days with these absolutely free relaxing websites, so you can start back up on Monday where you left off, feeling better than ever. Happy exploring!

The One I’m Currently Using

As I write this piece, I have A Soft Murmur on in the background. It’s one of those simple adjustable ambient sounds sites that are popular online, and I appreciate this one for its just-enough customization features. The options are limited to 10 different sounds that you can adjust to create your ideal mix — just enough to have some options without causing overwhelm. The barebones choices include “birds,” “rain,” and “fire.” Right now I’m going heavy on the crickets. Although the site makes for great ambience on those productive days, it’s just as great when you want to take some time for yourself on the weekend. To me, there are few things as comforting as being cozy at home while listening to the pitter patter of rain and the growl of a thunderstorm. But maybe you would prefer floating on the vibrations of a singing bowl. Take your pick!

The One that Drops You in Another World

I can’t move on from the world of ambience without mentioning MyNoise, perhaps my favorite tool for this kind of stuff that is out there. But be warned, this one can get overwhelming when you first open the page to its vast library of sound generators. It does not have the minimalist feel of A Soft Murmur, but is much better at getting you immersed into a totally new world. It is great for those too-long, slightly-delusional weekend daydreams. I have those… Does anyone else? I would say I’m hearing crickets, but that’s just the ambient noise I’m blasting in the background. One of my absolute favorite things about this website is the description published with each generator. They give a personal peek into the process of creating the sounds. According to its description, Senegal Town — which features the chatter of children and a busy, musical street — apparently came about from the original audio recordings of a kindergarten teacher working in Mbour, Senegal. As the website suggests, you can turn on this generator and have some fun this weekend, pretending that you’re on a holiday in Africa, with your hotel room’s open window carrying in the sounds of the street below.

The One I’ve Used for Years

I remember first finding out about Thisissand around a decade ago. I still go on the site every once in a while when I need my mind to take a break. The concept is simple: Your cursor produces colorful little sand particles that flow onto the ground below and build up to create hills and valleys. You can allow the colors to be randomized — which is half the fun for me — or be more specific with your creation. It’s really all about the little things when you’re trying to relax, so I appreciate that they’ve included the sand sounds as well.

The One that’s Perfectly Mesmerizing

If you felt drawn to the colors and physics of the sand, then I think you’ll enjoy spending too much time staring at the shapes produced in Imagination while letting your mind go blank. As you move your cursor around the screen, you allow a neverending world of geometric shapes to bloom. There’s a dimensionality to it: You can feel yourself falling into it all as it moves towards you. Have fun messing around with this canvas, and check out the source code, if you’re into that sort of thing.

The One You Can’t Stop Popping

I know there are probably better things to do with your time than popping fake bubble wrap on the internet, but we don’t always need to be doing something worthwhile. I hope this article has been encouraging you to embrace silliness in your off-hours. As you click each bubble on this site, you are rewarded with a satisfying ~pop~ and hopefully a shot of dopamine. Then the bubbles split into smaller ones, and you realize that there are waaaay more bubbles to pop than you initially thought. All the better!

The One that Blesses Your Ears:

Singing or playing an instrument is a wonderful way to chill out. But let’s be honest. That kind of quality leisure is sometimes just too much work for a tired brain. I’m a violinist, but on some much-needed idle days all I want is to feel like I’m making music and getting creative, with immediate results for minimal effort. That’s where Incredibox comes in. It lets you control a group of beatboxers by dragging and dropping icons on the members. Just a few clicks and you’re suddenly making something that actually sounds pretty good. And when that harmony hits, it all comes together deliciously. If you feel proud of your creation, you can save the mix — and even a dedication — to the database for others to check out.

The One that Brings Out Your Inner Poet:

I’ve taken you through some different ways to be creative, from sand art to beatboxing, but I’ve neglected the writers. Let go of inhibitions and experiment like a child again using magnetic poetry. Grammar is not important, punctuation is a non-issue, and the words keep on coming. Here is one that I put together as I was procrastinating on writing this article:

I wonder what creations you will come up with as you play around. There are a handful of kits available, including one called “Mustache Poet.”

I hope I have been able to give you some ways to decompress.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite way to relax on weekends is! And if you’ve tried out any of these websites, which one’s your favorite?



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