I Am Seeking Modern Beauty

Damla Ozdemir
Jun 17, 2021

I am seeking modern beauty —
Something shining in ephemeral grandeur.
Zeitgeist, as it were.
21st century wonder.
Improvement on the beauty of past generations.
What is the flavor of the day?
If I just grasp the train
In its perpetual motion
As it marches on
Its monotonous tracks,
My foothold would be enough for a quick climb
To the place up top.
From there, the view
Is grand, horizon
Further out.
And the next brave soul will find me
Splayed in the place up top
(Displayed only for fresher eyes,
Face burnt by the relentless Sun,
Starved to Death)

And know that I am.



Damla Ozdemir

Duke University ’23 w/ a degree in Linguistics 🏫 Worldschooling/Unschooling ✏️ 9 countries, 3 continents, 2 boarding schools, 10 languages 🏫